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What do I need to include in my application?

  1. A Pitch Deck. Check out our guide on what to include in your deck. Note: F6S (the application platform) will not accept pitch decks larger than 30 MB. If your pitch deck exceeds in size, your application will not be submitted.   
  2. Only one female founder per company may apply. If selected, the founder who applied will be invited to the PE Intensive.
  3. Information about you and your company. You will need to create and complete an F6S profile for yourself and your company.
  4. If you applied last year or have an existing F6S profile, log in and update your individual profile as well as your company profile before completing the application.
  5. All required questions on the application must be answered. If a question/s does not apply to your company, please write “Not Applicable”.

I applied last year.  Can I reapply?

Yes. If you applied last year and still qualify according to our rules, you may re-apply. 

I applied last year and attended the PE Intensive.  Can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply. Please note, we cannot guarantee that you will be accepted again this year.

I applied last year with a different company and want to re-apply.  Can I still apply?


When is the application deadline?

Monday, December 1, 2017 at 11:59PM EST (Deadline extended from Nov. 27)

I am a female founder, but I have a male co-founder/s.  How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

To be eligible, your startup must be at least 50% female-owned.

I am a male founder and have a startup with a female co-founder/s. Can I apply on her behalf?

No. The application must be completed and submitted by a female founder.

Who is considered an accredited investor?

Accreditation is a legal status that typically includes Venture Capital and Angel investors.  Friends & Family investors may not be accredited investors. Crowdfunding and some equity crowdfunding sources are not accredited.

I have self-funded my company with more than $100,000. Am I eligible to apply?


I have received over $100,000 in grant funding, am I eligible to apply?

Yes. Government and Foundation grant funding is not considered institutional funding.

What is meant by a company must “use technology as a competitive advantage”?

We view technology as a necessary component to achieve scale. We use a broad definition of technology – inclusive of apps, textiles, product design, business operations and beyond. How does your company use technology to change your industry? If your company would not typically be considered a “tech company” , some questions to consider:  

  1. Are you using technology in your operations? If yes, how so?
  2. What makes your company different from others in your industry? Does tech play a role in that differentiation?
  3. Are you building a non-tech product that incorporates innovative design?

Highlight how you are using technology in your application.

My sister/brother/roommate works at Rent the Runway/UBS. Can I apply?

No. As stated in the official rules, immediate family members or household members (spouse, children, step-children, parents, step-parents, siblings, step-siblings, any other person who shares the same residence for at least three months out of the year) of anyone connected with Project Entrepreneur are ineligible.

What industries are eligible to apply?

We accept all industries.

I have not set up my corporate structure. Am I eligible to apply?


Can I apply with a non-profit business?

No. Only for-profit corporations are eligible. However, B-Corporations and for-profit social ventures are eligible.

Are you required to have revenue to apply?

No. Startups pre-revenue are required to apply.

When will I be notified if I am selected as a participant and invited to the PE Intensive in NYC?

February 2018

How many companies are selected to pitch?

Twelve (12) companies will pitch at the PE Intensive. Ten (10) Finalists are pre-selected and two (2) are wild card entrants. Wild cards will be selected during the PE Intensive.

When will the Finalists be notified?

Pre-selected Finalists will be notified in early-mid March 2018.

What is the selection process?

After the application period closes, a panel of judges will review applications.  Members of the Project Entrepreneur class of 2018 (Participants) will be notified of their acceptance and receive an invitation to the PE  Intensive. Ten finalists will be pre-selected to pitch during the PE  Intensive and will be notified in advance.  Two additional “wild card” finalists will be selected during the PE  Intensive and also invited to pitch. All twelve (12) finalists will pitch live to a panel of judges for an opportunity to win a $10,000 grant and a spot in the five-week PE Accelerator in NYC. Five winning companies will be selected.

I am not a U.S. citizen.  Can I apply?

You must be a U.S. resident, and your business must be incorporated and operating in the U.S. You or your business must have a U.S. bank account.

Do I have to be in NYC for the 5 weeks to participate in the accelerator?

Yes. Accelerator participants must be physically present for the duration of the program.

Is housing provided for the accelerator?

The winning companies will be responsible for securing housing in the New York City area during the 5-week accelerator. We anticipate that the $10,000 grant awarded to the winning companies will be used towards this and other travel related costs.

What is the PE Accelerator?

The PE Accelerator is a hands on 5-week program hosted at Rent the Runway HQ in NYC. The curriculum is designed to help founders take their business to the next level. Accelerator participants will be matched with mentors and participate in a range of programming including goal setting, weekly check-ins with the PE team, Investor Office Hours, workshops with subject matter experts, excursions to other companies, one-on-one meetings with RTR co-founders Jenn Hyman & Jenny Fleiss, and access to and support from RTR Executives and Team.

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