Show Us What You Got

Read on for the low-down on the Project Entrepreneur competition.


Selection Process

Here’s what our judges will be looking for (each category carries equal weight):

a) Strength of Applicant or Team

How long has the team worked together? What is their collective level of experience? Is there a diversity of expertise and experience? If it is a solo venture, has the applicant identified needed resources in a cohesive manner?

b) Product or Business Idea

Has the applicant described the specific value (need) this business or product will provide to its customers? Does the company leverage technology as a competitive advantage? Has the founder(s) clearly considered her competitors? Can she articulate her differentiators? Has the applicant clearly outlined the pricing and revenue models?

c) Customer Acquisition and Growth Strategy

Has the founder(s) articulated her target audience and market opportunity realistically? Has she described her customer acquisition strategy and timing? Does she understand how her business could scale over time or with additional resources?

d) Professionalism & Branding

Has care been taken in the preparation of the application materials? Has the applicant demonstrated that she has done the best with what she has? Has she demonstrated creativity and an ability to express authenticity when discussing her product or business?

e) Vision

Has the founder(s) thought beyond this accelerator? Is she passionate about this business in particular, or is it just “the next thing” she is doing? Are there components of this plan/product that are extraordinary?

Project Entrepreneur Class of 2018

Up to 200 top applicants will be invited to attend the two-day PE Intensive in New York City April 13-14, 2018. At the Intensive, a select group of participants (“finalists”) will be invited to pitch for a $10,000 grant and a spot in our five-week accelerator program.

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