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Read on for the low-down on the Project Entrepreneur competition.



September 12, 2017 – December 1, 2017*

Applicants can submit proposals to Project Entrepreneur.

February 2018

Successful applicants will be invited to join the PE Class of 2018 and attend the PE Intensive in New York City.

March 2018

The top 10 applicants will be notified of their “finalist” status and invited to attend a pitch competition training on April 12 in New York City. Please note: during the course of the PE Intensive, two additional finalists will be selected to participate in the pitch competition as “wild card” entrants.

April 2018

The PE Intensive will be held on April 13-14 and will culminate in a live pitch competition.

Summer 2018

Our five-week accelerator program will take place in New York City during June-July 2018 with final dates to be announced.


* Deadline extended from Nov. 27, 2017

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