Celebrating Mother’s Day with the #PEClassOf2018

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day here at Project Entrepreneur! Our #PEClassOf2018—female founders who attended our two-day #PEIntensive18—took some time share how their own mothers inspired them along their entrepreneurial journey and why they’ve chosen to create companies that solve problems for mothers and families. Learn more about our PE Alumnae and their Mother’s Day inspirations below!


Diane Le, Founder and CEO of Parent Collab - Project Entrepreneur Class Of 2018

Diane Le, Founder and CEO of ParentCollab, which provides simplified messaging and scheduling for divorced families.

“My mom literally taught me everything I know. She homeschooled me, drove me to college classes when I was too young to drive, and cheered me on from the sidelines for all of my events, just watching me shine. It was because of her and watching her go through the divorce process that inspired me to create ParentCollab, a technology platform that facilitates better post-divorce family relationships through transparency and accountability with all parties and the court system. I hope to drastically improve the lives of divorced families everywhere by creating great co-parenting family relationships, and it was all inspired by you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


Jennifer Ortado, Founder and CEO of KidCareShare - Project Entrepreneur Class Of 2018

Jennifer Ortado, Founder and CEO of kidcareshare, a parent network for building a trusted community to coordinate & exchange care, carpools, and play.

“As a working mom, I struggled to build a trusted parent community to turn to for help and support. It was my own mom who inspired me to build kidcareshare. When she told me about the childcare co-op she shared with other parents in her NYC apartment back in the 1970’s, her ingenuity sparked me to create a solution to help parents build their trusted communities and foster real time connection using technology. Beyond that, my mom’s positive outlook on life has definitely influenced me to stay driven and relentless in my pursuit to help families gain support and balance throughout their own parenting journeys.”


Erica Peterson, Founder and CEO of Moms Can: Code - Project Entrepreneur Class Of 2018

Erica Peterson, Founder and CEO of Moms Can: Code, a community for moms interested in learning how to code.

“Each day I’m inspired by the moms in our Moms Can: Code community! They are military spouses, teachers, stay-at-home moms, biologists, counselors, moms in tech, etcetera from all over the world and while they each have very unique stories, they’re passion for learning how to code has brought them to our community. What inspires me is the work they’re doing daily to achieve their goals of learning and inspiring other moms to become lifelong learners while balancing the demands of motherhood.

I was inspired to create Moms Can: Code when I was looking to connect with other moms who were also learning how to code. Over the past seven years, I’ve gone through many identity changes as a result of becoming a mom. I’ve been a graduate student mom, a founder mom, a work-at-home mom, a working mom, and a stay-at-home mom. I intimately know what encourages or discourages a mom in all of of these scenarios from pursuing their goals. Connecting with other moms is important when you’re goal-setting and it’s so cool to see our moms help each other reach theirs.”


Shakir McDonald, Founder and CEO of The B.E.E. Kids Box - Project Entrepreneur Class Of 2018

Shakir McDonald, Founder of The B.E.E. Kids Box, the box that brings Achievement to their desktop and your doorstep.

“I was inspired to create this business because I was one of the mothers that needed this support for my own son. By working with hundreds of children (including my own kids), I developed a deeper insight and understanding for what works for kids—using both my experiences an educator and as a mom.”

Veronica Horner, Founder of Maia Moda Moms - Project Entrepreneur Class Of 2018

Veronica Horner, Founder of Maia Moda Moms, an apparel company providing elevated maternity / nursing clothing for the modern mom.

My mom has always been my biggest fan, whether or not I deserved it. She made me feel like I could do whatever I set my mind to. Her unwavering confidence in me gave me the courage to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. Thank you, Mom, and thanks to all the other mom cheerleaders out there.”


Featured image courtesy Unsplash. All other photos courtesy PE Alumnae.