Meet PE Finalist Vicki Mayo, Founder & CEO of Buzzies

We sat down with #PEIntensive17 finalist Vicki Mayo, Founder & CEO of Buzzies, a company that creates stress relieving neuroscientific wearable devices. Vicki discusses her family’s long line of entrepreneurs, her daughter’s night terrors, and how the company’s growth has been her greatest blessing and biggest struggle.

Tell us about your company.
The TouchPoint Solution is the inventor and maker of a device called Buzzies, a neuroscientific wearable that alleviates stress in as little as 30 seconds. TouchPoint was founded in December 2015. Its first product, Buzzies, launched in December 2016. The TouchPoint Solution, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, has grown rapidly and currently has 10 employees.

What is the mission of your company and what is it attempting to change in the world?
Our mission is to create a more healthy, peaceful, and productive world through a fundamental shift in the way people understand and handle their stress response.

Where does your passion for this business stem from?
I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, with my dad being the most significant influence on me. He is a testament to the immigrant story. He came to America over 30 years ago with two dollars in his pocket. Today he is a successful businessman with hotel properties nationwide. He reminds me every day that hard work and persistence and tenacity pay off.

When did you know you had a good idea on your hands?
The TouchPoint Solution actually came about during a conversation between myself and Dr. Amy Serin, one of my close friends. My daughter who was four at the time was suffering from night terrors. Dr. Serin suggested I try this new technology that she had been working on for the past decade. For those that have experience with night terrors, watching your beloved child scream from the phantoms in their dreams without the ability to wake up is terrifying. The moment my daughter slept through the night I knew this technology worked. I committed myself to finding a way to make this technology affordable and accessible to the world.

What has been the most difficult thing you’ve faced on this journey so far and what’s been the greatest reward?
Our greatest challenge is also our greatest blessing – growth. With TouchPoint only being open for four months and our growth being explosive month-over-month, our greatest challenge has been juggling demands. What we need one day shifts dramatically from the next day. When needs and requirements vary so greatly from day to day, maintaining standards can be difficult. It’s for this reason that we chose to found our company upon a Lean Six Sigma culture which creates standard processes and standard work.

The greatest reward has been interacting with our clients. I love the moments when I get to see firsthand a child settle down and work, or the moment someone with a fear of public speaking is able to go back on stage and perform. These are the moments that confirm that we are doing what we are supposed to do.

What has motivated you most throughout your entrepreneurship journey?
Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. There are certainly moments when you question yourself and wonder if it’s all worth it, but hearing someone share their experience of being able to live their life to the fullest makes it all worthwhile. When I was 20 years old, I adopted two boys who had been abandoned by their parents. I became an overnight mom. That experience and every experience afterward has solidified my life philosophy which focuses on helping people. For me, being an entrepreneur is how I live out that philosophy.

What words of wisdom would you share with other new entrepreneurs?
Be persistent. When you start a new company, there’s often a honeymoon phase where things seem to come together. Where most entrepreneurs fail is when the honeymoon period is over and doors begin slamming in your face. It’s at that time where persistence will help you find a way to either move through the door or go around it.