Monday Motivation from CortexMD

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Mondays can be rough, and sometimes, we can all use some motivation. That’s why we’re launching a #MondayMotivation blog series bringing you tips and life hacks from industry leaders and some of the most creative entrepreneurs out there.

In April we brought together 150 female founders for Project Entrepreneur’s inaugural NYC Weekend Intensive. CortexMD was one of one of our PE Class of 2016 finalists, participating in a pitch competition at the conclusion of the weekend. Read how Kristine Pachuta, co-founder of CortexMD, stays motivated:

What motivated you to make the leap to launch your own startup?

I was inspired to start my company for several reasons. First, seeing a market need for a product that could potentially benefit individuals impacted by rising healthcare costs and the advent of high deductible health insurance plans. Also, I was inspired by other founders. Watching others go through the journey, for better or worse, gave me the confidence to start. Finally, realizing there will never be a perfect time to start a company.  If you are waiting for a perfect time you will never do it, you just need to dive in.

What motivates you to keep going?

My main motivation is knowing that this tool that we are building could help individuals, especially those in lower income brackets and with poor health coverage, save money on radiology testing. Also, running the right imaging test first could help a patient get a diagnosis faster than if multiple or unnecessary tests are run.  Knowing that I can help people through technology is very motivating.

What do you do every Monday morning to prepare and motivate yourself for the coming week?

Do the thing you want to do the least, first. We all have tasks we aren’t looking forward to and getting them out of the way early on a Monday eliminates some pressure for the rest of the week. Also, every Monday I start by setting goals for the week. Not tactical goals, but high level motivations, such as making sure at least 50 new people know about our product or a goal to brainstorm a solution for a problem we having. Everyone has an overwhelming amount of things that need to get done each week, but it is good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Meet Kristine and learn more about CortexMD.