Monday Motivation from Komae

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Mondays can be rough, and sometimes, we can all use some motivation. That’s why we’re launching a #MondayMotivation blog series bringing you tips and life hacks from industry leaders and some of the most creative entrepreneurs out there.

Komae, one of our PE Class of 2016 pitch competition winners, is participating in our accelerator program this summer. What better way to start your week than with some motivation from Komae, one of the three winning teams from our NYC Weekend Intensive! We asked them how they stay motivated – here’s what they shared:

What motivated you to make the leap to launch your own startup?

Komae started because we were looking for a solution that would answer our own need. We used to be two stressed out moms, desperate for an affordable alternative to traditional babysitting. Seeking a busy but balanced life, we desired to spend time with our kids, grow our own small businesses, serve at our church, and still have time to date our husbands.

Looking around us, we realized we were not alone. So we began a traditional babysitting co-­op with our church friends, exchanging points, keeping spreadsheets and hosting play dates. Due to it’s success, our co-­op became the talk of the town. Seeing that other moms desired to benefit from this system, we began considering how to scale our solution into a business that would benefit families across the country. The answer developed into Komae: an online platform allowing families to easily exchange babysitting with other families they personally know and trust. Komae makes babysitting cost­ effective, guilt­ free, trusted, and convenient for parents.

What motivates you to keep going?

We firmly believe that Komae needs to exist and that family life around the world will be better for it. Because of that, we are determined to never give up, no matter what hills we need to climb to get there. Instead of focusing on the big picture, which can feel overwhelming, we focus on each next step and we approach that step with excellence. We continually give great thanks for being co­-founders, because when the valleys come, we pick each other up and keep moving forward. We remind each other to remain humble in the highs and hopeful in the lows that come with running a startup.

What do you do every Monday morning to prepare and motivate yourself for the coming week?

On Monday mornings, the Komae team spends time celebrating the successes of the week before, making goals for the week ahead, and organizing! Google Calendar and Wunderlist are some of Amy’s best friends when it comes to making sure we have a clear vision of the week to come! While Amy is focused on organization and execution, Audrey makes the most of her Mondays by building new relationships. She is often seen at networking events, on conference calls, or at a local coffee shop making new partners for Komae.

Meet Audrey and Amy, co-founders of Komae, and follow Komae’s adventure during Project Entrepreneur’s accelerator.