Monday Motivation from Lisa Janvrin, Founder and Lead Designer at YouthfulNest

Mondays can be rough and, sometimes, we can all use some motivation. Our #MondayMotivation blog series brings you tips and life hacks from industry leaders and some of the most creative entrepreneurs out there.

We sat down with Lisa Janvrin, Founder and Lead Designer at YouthfulNest, affordable and convenient interior design services that focus on designing nurseries and children’s rooms with your style in mind. Lisa discusses the mompreneur life, designing a flexible career, and loving what she does every step of the way.

What inspired you to start your business?
After having my son I realized that I wanted to have a career that was more flexible and still do what I love. Designing.

I also totally got into the experience of designing my son’s nursery (a room I had never done before) taking into consideration the functionality I was going to need as well as the style. I wanted other stylish moms-to-be to feel as confident and calm as I did in my new role and surroundings.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?
Being able to keep up with my dreams. Two years ago I used my personal savings of 3K to start-up YouthfulNest and it’s starting to gain quantifiable traction. I’m so passionate about what I’m doing and want to share it with the world – but there’s simply not enough time in the day to complete all the tasks that need to be tackled for the business with my team of one. Finding additional financial sources in order to build a team and technology to keep up with growth is going to be key.

What’s been the greatest reward?
Happy clients. Designing for a baby or child’s bedroom can be a super challenge. Especially when they are old enough to have a say in their environment. My strength lies in being able to mesh styles and curate inspired designs, not themed rooms. Doing so, in a way that the majority of significant, more expensive furnishings can grow with a child as they age or as the child’s favorite movie character or interest changes. It’s motivating to hear from happy moms about how great the new space is and that their child loves it just as much.

What is the biggest thing you’d like to see changed in your industry, and how are you working toward making that change happen?
As I moved from being a corporate set stylist into residential interior design I immediately was turned off by the lack of transparency in pricing and earning structure of traditional interior design. It created a strained relationship between client and designer. My first interior design job was a fairly large restaurant and I had to research how to do everything from presenting my design to creating a quote. I immediately knew I felt better about getting paid for my hours versus earning from product commissions. Having transparency in the process allowed clients to make better more confident choices which in turn earned me their trust and to value my suggestions. For example, if I recommended they go with the more expensive version of an item and provided thoughtful rationale, the client knew I wasn’t making such a costly recommendation just to get more money in my pocket. Not to mention it is much easier to talk about costs to a client not having to remember each vendor’s trade pricing to make sure I earned enough or didn’t overcharge a client.

Who or what motivates you to keep going, even when things get tough?
I’m a self-starter and highly motivated by how much I can accomplish in a day, week or month. When my efforts are met with positive feedback and acceptance, I’m pumped to work towards that next goal. On the other side of the coin when my efforts are not successful in meeting my desired goal, I feel knocked down. That’s where my support system which includes my husband, friends, and other entrepreneurs, kicks in. They always swoop in to remind me of my talents and of where I have been successful.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to another entrepreneur just starting out?
Do what you love. Working at something you’re passionate about and which comes from a place of authenticity will give you an automatic edge, like a constant state of standing in an Amy Cuddy power position. Let’s face it – if you’re going to go through this incredibly daunting and incredibly rewarding experience you want to come out on the other side doing something day in and day out that brings you joy and fulfillment.

What do you do every Monday morning to prepare and motivate yourself for the coming week?
As a classic Mompreneur, raising our young son while simultaneously trying to build an empire, I actually use Sunday evening (after our kiddo is asleep) to prepare for the week. Knocking out important emails or putting the finishing touches on a client’s design, sans any interruptions from my little, allows me to start off the week with less stress. Not to mention it also allows me to sneak in Monday morning story time with my son at the local library. #HappyPlace

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