Wednesday Wisdom from Anu Duggal at Female Founders Fund

We’re halfway through the week, and it’s time for a boost of inspiration to keep us going. Our #MidWeekPivot blog series taps into the minds of industry leaders and disruptive visionaries who are working to build the future of entrepreneurship.

We sat down with Anu Duggal at Female Founders Fund, to discuss her experience as a female founder; her venture, Founders Fund II and much more.

It has been almost three years since the launch of Female Founders Fund. Can you talk about the genesis of the fund and your thoughts on the continuing gaps when it comes to the support of female founders?
The inspiration behind Female Founders Fund came from my own experience as a female founder. I felt that the next generation of successful venture-backed companies would be started by women and there was an opportunity as an investor to work with these founders early on in their process. We’ve been excited to see the amount of traction female founders have received over the past few years from the venture industry and believe this will only continue to grow over time.

January of last year, you brought on a partner, Sutian Dong of FirstMark Capital, and launched Female Founders Fund II. Can you give us an update on it?
Last year, I brought on a partner Sutian Dong and we’ve now been investing out of our second fund with our most recent investment in a digital beauty brand called WinkyLux.

You’ve been on the side of being an entrepreneur and an investor. What’s been the most exciting part of this journey for you? 
The most exciting part of this journey has really been building the fund from scratch and having the opportunity to connect and work with some incredible entrepreneurs.

What words of advice would you give to female founders who aren’t in major cities such as NYC, SF, etc., and who might not have access to resources? 
Build your network in the tech and start-up community through platforms like Twitter and Linkedin.

The next generation of talent in entrepreneurship is starting to spring forth and you’ve mentioned the importance of investing in people. Can you speak on mentoring the next wave of female founders? 
It’s been really exciting to see the diversity in industries across the latest female-founded companies we have backed ranging from VR to enterprise, digital beauty and more. These founders are attacking massive opportunities and building truly innovative businesses with venture scale potential. Female founders like Jenn & Jenny from RTR, Katrina Lake from StitchFix, Alexa von Toble of Learnvest and more have inspired a new generation of founders to take the entrepreneurial risk and we’re excited to see this grow over time.

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