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Latest Episodes of #theTools

Episode 41: Creating Your Board of Advisors

Sep 22nd, 2017

Interview with Lisa Skeete Tatum, Co-Founder & CEO of Landit.

Episode 40: Anatomy of a Venture Term Sheet

Sep 15th, 2017

#PEIntensive17 workshop with Hayley Barna, Venture Partner at First Round Capital and Co-Founder at Birchbox and Bo Yaghmaie, Partner at Cooley.

Episode 39: How to Build a Cult Brand

Sep 1st, 2017

#PEIntensive17 workshop with Alexis Cuddyre, Vice President, Brand and Creative at ADAY.

Episode 38: Scaling Operations

Aug 25th, 2017

#PEIntensive Workshop with Donna Levin, Co-Founder of Care.com & Entrepreneur in Residence, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management.

Episode 37: Starting Scrappy

Aug 11th, 2017

#PEIntensive17 Keynote with Rent the Runway Co-Founder Jenny Fleiss sits down with Cheddar TV’s Kori Hale

Episode 36: Know Your Customer

Jul 28th, 2017

#PESummitLA Keynote with Jenn Hyman, Co-Founder & CEO of Rent the Runway, and Leura Fine, Founder & CEO of Laurel & Wolf.

Episode 35: Week 5 of #PEAccelerator 2017

Jul 20th, 2017

Studio interview with Bimla Picot, Founder & CEO at Reboundwear.

Episode 34: Week 4 of #PEAccelerator 2017

Jul 14th, 2017

Studio interview with Jennifer Grove, Founder & CEO at Repeat Roses

Episode 33: Week 3 of #PEAccelerator 2017

Jul 7th, 2017

Studio interview with Vicki Mayo, Founder & CEO at The Touchpoint Solution

Episode 32: Week 2 of #PEAccelerator 2017

Jun 30th, 2017

Studio interview with Danielle Wen, Founder & CEO at Lace & Liberty

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