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Negotiate Your Ideal Terms With This Investment Legal Primer

The last stretch of an entrepreneur’s fundraising process can have the greatest influence on her experience leading her company. What do founders need to know to close the deal?  First, O’Melveny Partner Jeeho Lee encourages them to get into the right mindset and acknowledge the agency they have in the process. Negotiation starts with knowledge… Read More

Follow This Fundraising Roadmap To Navigate The Process From Pitch to Close

Wander Beauty Co-founder Divya Gugnani has the secret to a successful fundraising process and it’s not what you may think. It’s not your vision, pitch, or the opportunity. Those components are essential but they don’t drive outcomes alone. A serial entrepreneur and investor in over 70 companies, Gugnani’s secret is simple: Preparation.  Each step of… Read More

The Strategic Fundraising Tactics the Co-founder of Birchbox Used to Raise $86 Million 

Before a founder begins her fundraising process, one of the most important questions she must consider is: How long will this money last? For most entrepreneurs, 18 months is the grace period upon which they can focus solely on building their business. Once upon a time, Birchbox C.E.O. and co-founder Katia Beauchamp felt similarly. Now,… Read More

Uplevel Your Marketing and Sales Strategy With This Tactical Playbook 

What is the one marketing and sales tactic that really works? Summersalt co-founder and C.D.B.O. Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin gets  this question a lot. “It’s a very hard question to answer because everything works when it works in tandem, not in isolation.” Chamberlin is an advocate of crafting a multi-pronged strategy. Over the last decade she… Read More

HATCH C.O.O. on How to Discover Your Company’s Growth Levers

What is the foremost skillset a founder must develop to grow her business? A thorough understanding of her company’s financials, advises HATCH C.O.O. and startup advisor Lindsay Bressler. “Many founders view their finances in a siloed box and are unclear how they translate into day to day operations,” she says. “Confidence in your financial model… Read More

A Fundraising Handbook From a V.C. Who Has Backed 70 Startups

An entrepreneur’s experience funding her business can be one of the most defining of her journey. The right capital enables you to realize your vision and requires a specific skill set to secure. What are investors looking for? How do you meet them and navigate the process? BBG Ventures co-founder and general partner Nisha Dua… Read More